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Pretty good explanation why wearing masks & keeping distance are a good thing.

Same thing applies to computer/internet security, btw.


Using 3d-printing to create replicas of oil paintings, very cool use of technology.

PROBLEM: Probably most of the work needs to be done at the state level, so that makes it basically 50x more expensive to do.

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IDEA: An Open Source PAC that would work with legislators to ensure procurement and data laws allow for choosing Open Source products in government.

Weird that Apple delayed on the device ID permission prompt. Not sure what Instagram could say that would motivate Apple to change course. They're not going to remove it from the AppStore and they don't give money to Apple. —

The NYT noted "the giant retailer sets the benchmark for lower-wage workers." The US government has ceded authority on protecting low wage workers from exploitation to... Walmart. —

For Texas residents here is a good way to find out what will be on your ballot. Remember early voting has been extended so go early to allow for more social distancing at the polls. —

Corruption within ICE seems to be far reaching. Every investigation shows more, and now they're actively sabotaging the investigations. —

So many hurricanes we're running out of names.

Hey, Trump likes things named after him, how about hurricanes?

Internal combustion engines are the ultimate example of the sunk cost fallacy.

We've invented amazing improvements in gas milage and exhaust handling all in an attempt to save a tech that we've always known to have a limited lifetime because we're really good at building them.

Abuse of power, when stuff like this happens it makes peaceful protest less of a reasonable option. The police are escalating the situation here. —

Legal question: If I took all the movies and interviews that an actor has done and trained a voice model, what would my rights be with that model?

It would seem logical an actor would own their own voice, but I don't think copyright works like that.

Amazon delivery person was playing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" loudly as they delivered my package. But left before the song finished!

Now I'm going to have to order something else to get the song out of my head.

Comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding Reopening of schools during the COVID19 pandemic. —

Armed white men storm Idaho capital building while in legislative session, police magically figure out how to not use tear gas or rubber bullets, decide it is okay. —

My 10yo describing our house to his friend:

It is two stories. Upstairs there is a TV and a Playstation and a Switch docking station. Downstairs there is all that house stuff like a kitchen.

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