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Web shit weekly is on fire this week. "Hackernews wrestles with their value judgments; their firm stance as bootlickers for megacorporations has finally crashed headlong into their equally firm belief that programmers should never be held to any legal or moral standards." —

Polling of younger Americans on why they couldn't vote, seems like a good list of things to fix if we want Democracy to grow and flourish. —

Golang: You can use "//" to either place a human readable comment or control the compiler. Basically the same thing.

I want to see an interview with the scientist who caught three wasps alive and tied tracking devices on them with dental floss. That is crazy. —

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While they probably didn't commit a crime, this should be criminal. Intimidating a black church on a Sunday. If any of the flags flown at this "rally" are ones you believe in, realize the company you keep. —

Obligatory peer pressure post. Make sure to vote. And wear a mask.

Looking at the Snap Store metrics for Inkscape, and there are still 6 people running 0.92.0.

I realize this is small number of users, but it kinda blows my mind that there are folks keeping that version around. At least upgrade to 0.92.4!

Okay, fine, I'll be excited about a reboot. Animaniacs is exactly what it would take. —

Woot! Last code review was shorter than expected.

Kids, never get behind on your code reviews.

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Pretty good explanation why wearing masks & keeping distance are a good thing.

Same thing applies to computer/internet security, btw.


Using 3d-printing to create replicas of oil paintings, very cool use of technology.

PROBLEM: Probably most of the work needs to be done at the state level, so that makes it basically 50x more expensive to do.

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IDEA: An Open Source PAC that would work with legislators to ensure procurement and data laws allow for choosing Open Source products in government.

Weird that Apple delayed on the device ID permission prompt. Not sure what Instagram could say that would motivate Apple to change course. They're not going to remove it from the AppStore and they don't give money to Apple. —

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