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Bugs me that we're willing to talk about big funds to prevent flooding from climate change, but spending any money to prevent climate change itself is somehow verboten.

A long time fan of Newsblur, but excited about this redesign to make it feel cleaner.

When I first typed this post I wrote "crypo curries" — which makes sense, as a good curry is basically a "proof of work." 😂

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Mark Cuban looking at crypto currencies as a competitor in the financial services market, which seems like a more reasonable view than the hype that often gets written.

What I like about this article is how it looks at how technology improvements for criminals and law enforcement have always been in competition. Encoding communications isn't a new concept. Cryptocurrencies aren't making laws invalid.

"Text STOP to stop" loses its credibility when I never text'd "SPAM to start."

Feel like this comic deals with one of the unexamined issues of the at-home virtual school that happened during the pandemic.

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Watch the videos from this year's Libre Graphics Meeting at

and don't miss the three Inkscape-related talks by @doctormo , Rania Amina and @ryangorley !

#lgm #artwithopensource #inkscape

Since it has already caused some confusion I figured I needed to more widely announce that I got "ted" on @liberachat not the same nick I had on other IRC networks. That's me. That's the post.

Russia attacked American Democracy; that was annoying. Now they're going after our hamburgers! Time to take cyber security seriously.

Love to see more parks all over the world, but hoping this in particular is a sign of growing environmentalist movement in China.

One thing I think that is getting lost in the coverage of the Texas House Democrats walk out on the election bill is that it was changed to be significantly worse at the last minute against the rules of the Senate. They suspended them so that they could send a more divisive bill back to the house.

Love the analogy of managers being an umbrella to protect the team's productivity and this is a wonderful visualization of it.

And I found another one. A bit simpler but this builds you a base Eurorack panel to build on. So many cool extensions.

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Got an email. Where all the significant content is an image. It includes a link. As a QR code in the image.

If anyone goes to the conference they're suggesting for it and sees any panels designed with this, I'd love pictures and stories!

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Synth Panel Designer is an @inkscape Extension. You can design your own synth panels and modify them in a full vector editor.

All OSS and available at Gitlab:

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

Gov. Abbott knowingly lied to voters to be popular on Fox News. Dishonest and selfish.

Texas gov knew of natural gas shortages days before blackout, blamed wind anyway

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