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Getting up the first baseball pictures of the fall season.

The post describes some of the why, but I want to draw attention to the video chat that @doctormo is hosting tomorrow to gather more ideas and work on language.

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Thankful my parents named me a name starting with a letter towards the end of the alphabet, thus reducing the chance I'll have a deadly hurricane named the same as me.

Excited for the time when a popular library everyone wants to use has all of its function names in Chinese.

A few interesting visualizations of codebases. Would be interesting to get a port of these to Gitlab CI.

I believe that signs are put there because someone tried it. Who went diving when there was not water?

This echos my feelings towards Gov. Abbott's response to COVID. Early on I felt like he did a good job, but now it seems he's more worried about being defeated in the primaries.

Using homomorphic encryption to target ads to encrypted streams sounds like it might actually work (costly today, but could work).

The computer scientist in me wants to see this develop, but I worry it may end much of the usefulness of encryption.

Russians figured out that it is easier to just pay people to do their disinformation work for them. We should have never taught them capitalism.

Glad they added electric charging stations, but the letter spacing on the sign is painful.

If you don't hear from me, you know the AI got me.

Having a more open handheld gaming device is exciting. Hoping most of the games I like are able to run on the device. Now I just need more time!

Noticed the All Contributors project which aims to recognize non-code contributors to OSS; that's something I can agree with. The way you add someone is with their Github or Gitlab account. 🤔

(NOTE: can only use the main Gitlab instance as well)

Censorship from folks who decry "Cancel Culture". But in this case it is actually a first amendment issue as the government is doing it.

Making it so that clinical trials are possible outside of pharmaceuticals could have other benefits of making it possible to target less profitable diseases.

While it is stupid, I have a hard time getting upset about Fox News bashing the COVID vaccines, it is only going to reduce their own viewership.

Bugs me that we're willing to talk about big funds to prevent flooding from climate change, but spending any money to prevent climate change itself is somehow verboten.

A long time fan of Newsblur, but excited about this redesign to make it feel cleaner.

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