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Gun groups opposing the Texas abortion law because they're worried about bounty schemes being used to target gun owners in other states.

Billed as photography tips for Hawaii, this is a list of CAPTIONS for your social media posts.


Reminder to most Americans to vote today. Likely local elections which are often more impactful on your day-to-day life than the national ones that get lots of press.

How many Raspberry Pis can one have before they have a problem?

... asking ... for a friend ...

Part of my Friday routine is to "clean my desk." Which is less about being clean and more about ensuring that every little project that was written down on a post-it is taken care of.

At the doctor for my son and the nurse asked three times if I was okay with testing him for COVID. Hate the politicization of this disease so much.

Curious if Trump is in the end going to use Mastodon for his social network whether they'd keep federation on. Their policy on "no criticism of Trump" would be hard to enforce across the Fediverse.

Messing around with the demo server at work and a Hackernews data download. Seems that there's about 10x the number of stories about SVG than there are on Inkscape.

That generally makes sense, it seems like more association with SVG would help Inkscape.

OH hockey dad at the rink: "He had a cut lip and a black eye so we took him to the doctor and the doctor gave him another concussion! Can you believe the doctor gave him a concussion!?!?"

Getting up the first baseball pictures of the fall season.

The post describes some of the why, but I want to draw attention to the video chat that @doctormo is hosting tomorrow to gather more ideas and work on language.

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Thankful my parents named me a name starting with a letter towards the end of the alphabet, thus reducing the chance I'll have a deadly hurricane named the same as me.

Excited for the time when a popular library everyone wants to use has all of its function names in Chinese.

A few interesting visualizations of codebases. Would be interesting to get a port of these to Gitlab CI.

I believe that signs are put there because someone tried it. Who went diving when there was not water?

This echos my feelings towards Gov. Abbott's response to COVID. Early on I felt like he did a good job, but now it seems he's more worried about being defeated in the primaries.

Using homomorphic encryption to target ads to encrypted streams sounds like it might actually work (costly today, but could work).

The computer scientist in me wants to see this develop, but I worry it may end much of the usefulness of encryption.

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