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Been thinking about getting the XPS 13 Plus when it came out, but apparently you can't get 32 GB of RAM without switching to Windows? Doesn't seem like that's a "Developer Edition" thing.

Feel like we need a word for: "Uhg, this code is bad but I'm scared to check out the commit history because I might have wrote it."

Keeping it as Schrödinger's commit history.

Just got a cookie banner that respects my choices and I'm not quite sure what to do. Seems too good?

Filling out the form to renew my passport and apparently the US State Department can not accept a form that is printed dual-sided. What? How? Why?

Oh, cotton polyester, good thing I checked the specifications on these pants as I never would have guessed that on my own.

Taking a late night flight and at the airport it is chaotic. Not a lot open, so every line is long. People are nervous to miss flights. Not the chill I expected.

Excited about the potential of building hydrocarbons out of renewable energy and carbon recapture. Still early, but potentially a solution for the future.

Howdy Mastodon!

Engineer working for Previously I worked on Ubuntu Phone and doing multimedia/TV, almost all consumer electronics.

An Open Source advocate and Ubuntu member. Was a co-founder for Inkscape and now serve on its board.

I think that one mistake I made with my Twitter account was making it all technical, expect this to have more politics and other stuff.


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