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So basically Pelosi is setting the Democrats up to get the bitch smacked again because she doesn't want to listen.

The folks elected Rep. Omar for a reason. AOC handily beat an incumbent in NYC. Chitown just elected a Lori Lightfoot, a gay Black woman for mayor.

People are fucking tired of Democrats trying to appease bigots that don't give a shit about maintaining civility.

People praise Pelosi for her political acumen, but she's still tone def and ineffective in an actual fight.

'Carter said the United States was "the most warlike nation in the history of the world" due to a desire to impose American values on other countries' —

The FDA's history is in testing, so I understand why they're going this route. But, I also feel there needs to be some expert analysis of the software in a way that the FDA, and ideally any potential patient, could see the source code. —

My teen doesn't like it when I say: "Quick! Snap-gram that to show your friends you have the cool Dad!"

The most interesting thing about the Assanage arrest will be seeing whether Trump will pardon him. —

Not sure why the post list for @blender doesn't show it. Perhaps Peertube needs to transcode it first?

Clever tactic to provide a simple mechanism to understand banks contributions to gun culture in America. —

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What finding the heaviest T-Rex ever in Canada actually proves is that poutine has been around forever. —

I'd love to try and figure out if we could do this for Texas Linux Fest, but I've not found any providers of child-care like this in Dallas. It seems there are a few in SF and other conference hotspots, but still a small industry. If someone knows of someplace, I'd love to chase it down. —

Got a phone call from phone number one million. I guess I'm already a winner?

This starts talking about scientific literacy but moves on to whether that relates to the support of science. Which it turns out doesn't correlate.

We don't need to teach people more science. We need to figure out other ways to convince them of the value of it. —

Realizing something the "chameleon" feature of Unity; where it changes the widgets to match the most common colors in the user's background.

Many people have pictures of their children or their families at their background.

We basically implemented the original Ubuntu "Human" theme.

Hadn't heard the terms 'contextual advertising' and 'behavioral advertising' used as a choice that companies make in how they serve their ads.

For me, it helps to explain the issues I have with ads. I'm not against ads, I'm against being tracked and monitored. Hopefully more companies will realize the benefits of contextual advertising.

Thanks DuckDuckGo! —

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