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To recap "Black Identity Extremism" was never really a thing, just a political ploy to use the media to fuel conservative outrage.

That's not respect for our nation's law enforcement, it is using them as political pawns.

"The longer one spends with the report, the more disturbing a document it is ... the most important question is whether this conduct should be acceptable."

Which gets to the heart of the matter. If the Senate won't hold a trial, by default it is normalized. —

Sent out attendee, sponsor and speaker surveys for Texas Linux Fest. Check your e-mail if you're in one of those lists. We really do want your feedback, I will read it, it helps to ensure the conference is going in the right direction.

My alma mater is setting up "lifetime email accounts" for alumni. Which seems nice, and makes sense for them trying to get their message out with a connection directly to alumni.

I'm surprised that email accounts haven't become more of a thing with most people having a mail client that will combine multiple accounts (their phone).

Imagine if your doctor gave you an account where you could send/receive messages. If they never left the server and used secure protocols to connect it'd work.

Searching for the correct spelling of "counseling later" I found "Counseling Later Elementary".

At least they're clear on where you're headed.

My son just came to me saying he couldn't use Linux for the online course he's taking this summer because the image editor was only available for Windows and Mac.

Turns out the teacher only had links to the Windows and Mac downloads of GIMP.

Read for how Dallas actually made money taking down the statue, but stay to the end for the caller to the paper asking questions. —

Thanks to the folks at Linux Academy we got a recording of the Texas Linux Fest 19 Keynote about the state of Linux today. Great talk by Thomas Cameron.

The Linux Unplugged folks did a nice write-up about their trip to Texas Linux Fest:

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Schwab uses Symantec's VIP Access for its two factor authentication. I was able to use this Python script to setup a key and convert it to TOTP with my standard authenticator.

We use Gitlab CI for our tests, and we just switched from go-junit-report (what Gitlab recommends for Go):

To gotestsum:

It is *so* much better. Recommend going this way to get your test runs integrated into Gitlab and looking snazy!

Frustrated at this Firefox bug where it doesn't provide a tags API for Bookmark Sync.

The end result is that I can't sync my @nextcloud bookmarks with Floccus to have nice bookmarks everywhere.

Finally recovered from the excitement of it all enough to say: Thank you everyone for a great Texas Linux Fest.

The speakers were excellent, the location was superb, and the attendees were awesome to each other.

We're looking forward to an even better TXLF20, we'll send out details as soon as we know (hopefully earlier this year).

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Nice #Inkscape, non-destructive boolean operations on vector objects is really welcomed. Thanks for that addition. #lgm19

The new "lockdown mode" on the Purism phones really bugs me.

Tried to avoid saying anything, because heck, I'm not doing it. But this is exactly the problems you start having when you don't have application confinement and lifecycle considerations built into your core.

Purism isn't building a phone, they're building a 5" portable laptop with an on-screen keyboard.

Perhaps some people want that, but I definitely don't. I expect many customers won't be impressed also.

Buying a new fan for my desktop's CPU. Apparently they only come with rainbow LEDs. I didn't realize that's how fans work now.

Oh, sorry. I thought the Inkscape Infrastructure scripts were public. There must be some issue with sharing the project allowing folks to see the secrets repo. We'll figure that out. Sorry for the tease.

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I know that it's not cool to get excited about e-mail anymore, but I am about the Inkscape mailing lists moving to a modern Mailman with Hyperkitty.

New lists are here:

A surprising amount of work to get that all working, but it is, and we've published the Ansible scripts here:

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