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Calling all beta testers!

Over 200 bug-fixes later, Inkscape 1.1beta has launched and is ready for you to test away!

Your help will improve the final 1.1 version that will launch later this Spring.

Download it here:

#inkscape #ArtWithOpenSource #betatesting

Having a teenager makes me amazed the human race has survived this long.

Getting started guide to home automation with Home Assistant.

I've been playing with HA and having fun automating some simple stuff.

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Cool list of SVG resources and builders.

Probably a bunch of them could be turned into @inkscape plugins 😃

Starts talking about economic imbalance from the pandemic and then goes into the actual economic impacts of inequality in the US. Short and to the point.

Trying to explain the difference between Dallas and Houston:

Dallas: tornadoes
Houston: hurricanes

See, it's easy!

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Inkscape is proud to have a booth at this year's Chemnitz Linux Days / Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (@clt_news) March 13-14!

Come ask us questions & catch short sessions & exciting demos by Inkscape contributors.

For more info

#CLT2021 #inkscape

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Former colleagues described him as a "complete wacko" and racist; but, he kept his job. No telling how bad he made working at TI for minority employees. This is where folks in the majority need to speak up, we're the ones that need to push these people out.

Directions from Dallas to Amarillo involve taking US287 for 212 miles. Google Maps helpfully notes a Pizza Hut at 106 miles of that.

Article talks with homeless folks about why some of them chose to avoid shelters. Not something I'd realized is a barrier to solving homelessness.

Houston changes bail system to not punish people for being poor, proves that it works. Texas state government seeks to ensure the poor are punished, because... talking points.

What hurts business more than anything is uncertainty. By not having a statewide mask mandate individual businesses have to make this choice and take the backlash and risk themselves.

If the governor wants businesses to show leadership (because he won't) it is time to start bringing class-action lawsuits against employers who create dangerous work environments by not having a mask-mandate for customers.

Didn't realize the US gov't had numbers for the price of carbon. Would love to see this model grow and get the updates suggested by the academy of science.

The article has this great quote: "The use of coal is simply exporting far too many future costs on society; its current use is only economical because we pretend those costs don't exist."

Certainly some of that results from people being unable to leave their house to get tests or go to the doctor. But it would seem people staying put and not going out to eat (most restaurants were closed) or to shop also played a major factor.

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Realize there have been jokes on the Internet about this already, but it is pretty dramatic how the winter storm in Texas effected COVID19 new case rates.

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