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Congratulations to #Inkscape 's Google Summer of Code Contributors Aadil, BasharAhmed, SUSHANT A.A., Vaibhav Malik!

We're looking forward to spending a fruitful summer with you working on OCR, tabbed windows, memory management and font selection!


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Inkscape 1.2 is available! Learn more about this major release and get the download link at Don’t forget to spread the news to friends and share gratitude to the supporters and contributors who have made this powerful software available to all. Draw Freely! :inkscape: 💓

Is there any practical documentation on using the XDG Portals?

It seems like everything is "hints" that implementors may or may not implement with no identification of the implementation so that apps can somewhat handle it.

Just awful.

Have a Canon R5 and a couple of manual lenses that I couldn't get to work with it at all. Turns out it is the setting "Release Shutter w/o Lens" -- works great now. Putting this out there for anyone else with the problem.

The new snap uses desktop portals and finally drops all the interfaces that kept it from being fully confined. There is a chance for breakage there, so if you could make sure to check out file handling in general I'd really appreciate it.

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Working on getting the snap updated for the upcoming @inkscape release. If you've got a moment to test it I'd appreciate it. You can switch using this command:

snap refresh --candidate inkscape

And switch back with --stable.

Disappointed to see the Dems take a performative loss instead of codifying the parts of Roe that can get done in today's Senate. A bit would be better than none. But they're trying to get votes more than govern.

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Squirrel Dads, I hear their pun game is nuts!

My son's baseball season has been interrupted this season by lots of rain. I suggested that they may have to make-up some games on the adult softball fields which are turf.

"We can't play there, the bases are too close."
"It is an adult-sized field."
"Adults don't like to run."

A marketing comic talking about all how marketers are frustrated with ad tech lacking transparency and being impossible to verify. Marketers being frustrated is something that could cause real change in the industry.

Probably not as much change as I would like, but even if ad tech folks had to publish enough that their customers could verify their claims that would result in a significantly more transparent system than what we have today.

Also, can't seem to find out if the Ubuntu pre-installs come with ZFS root enabled. Guessing not, but I'd really prefer that.

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Been thinking about getting the XPS 13 Plus when it came out, but apparently you can't get 32 GB of RAM without switching to Windows? Doesn't seem like that's a "Developer Edition" thing.

Feel like we need a word for: "Uhg, this code is bad but I'm scared to check out the commit history because I might have wrote it."

Keeping it as Schrödinger's commit history.

Just got a cookie banner that respects my choices and I'm not quite sure what to do. Seems too good?

Filling out the form to renew my passport and apparently the US State Department can not accept a form that is printed dual-sided. What? How? Why?

Oh, cotton polyester, good thing I checked the specifications on these pants as I never would have guessed that on my own.

Taking a late night flight and at the airport it is chaotic. Not a lot open, so every line is long. People are nervous to miss flights. Not the chill I expected.

Excited about the potential of building hydrocarbons out of renewable energy and carbon recapture. Still early, but potentially a solution for the future.

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